Magnetic Materials For Sale

We offer a variety magnetic materials, including ceramic, magnetic film | magnetic field viewing film, for your application. You can read on to learn about each one and how they work. We have the right magnet for you, whether you need a permanent or temporary one. Learn more about Neodymium and Samarium magnets, as well as Indigo magnets. You can also check out our other magnets.

Neodymium magnets

You have come to the right spot if you are looking for high-quality Neodymium mags for sale. We offer high quality neodymium magnets for sale at an affordable price. These powerful magnets are enclosed in a rubber coating to prevent corrosion and protect the surface from damage. They’re excellent for automotive use and other surfaces that require strong magnets. We can supply bulk Neodymium magnetics for you.

Indigo magnets

Canada has had to recall Indigo magnets that were being sold. Small, powerful magnets that are sold as stress relievers and magnetic toys pose a serious health risk to children. These magnets can be inhaled or swallowed, causing severe injuries. All products containing these types of magnets have been recalled and recalled by Health Canada. This article will explain how to purchase one of these magnets.

Samarium cobalt

Samarium Cobalt Magnets are used most often in high-temperature applications. These extreme temperatures are critical for their performance. Samarium Cobalt magnetics can operate at temperatures of up to 260°F (525°C), making them ideal for high-heat applications. It is worth noting that samarium Cobalt magnets can be more expensive than those made of neodymium.

Ceramic magnets

Ceramic magnets are becoming more popular due to their affordability and versatility. This type is the strongest permanent magnet and has a high magnetic strength. It is also resistant to external magnetic fields and lightweight, making it an ideal choice in a wide variety of applications. The low price and brittleness of ceramic magnets also make them popular in electronic components. Find out more about ceramic magnetics for sale.

Bulldog magnets

Bulldog magnets for sale – Show your support for your favorite team with these Bulldog magnets. These decorative magnets, made of metal, have a bulldog style clip with a circular magnet on the rear. These magnetic magnets are perfect for holding shopping lists and calendars. They can also be used to hold a photo or note if you need a magnet for your fridge or filing cabinet. They are a great conversation starter.

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